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A The Integral Stress Test

The pelvic torsion

First, test yourself or your partner or patient for the presence of pelvic torsion:
1. hip flexor (iliopsoas): While lying down, pull or push both knees in succession, as far as you can (!), up to your chest. Lifting the stretched, opposite leg indicates shortening.

2. hip abductors (adductors): Then, while lying down with hips and knees flexed, place both feet and use your fingers to check the front pelvic spines are at the same height.
Then, one after the other, drop both knees outward. With one hand, hold each other’s pelvic spines as you do so.

1. the navel test

Then touch your navel and repeat both tests simultaneously with the help of your other hand or your partner.
Touching the navel must always resolve the pelvic tangles. If not, there is always a superordinate energetic interference field in your aura. Often, even the touch is unpleasant. After the treatment the pelvis is always, but usually only temporarily relaxed, but afterwards the navel functions again as a central relaxation point.

2. the troublespot test

In Integral Orthopedics, I call all zones whose touch triggers a resolution of the pelvic torsion a trouble spot. In order to recognize these, you touch one after the other: your neck, your flank, your jaw and your eyes as well as existing scars. These must be completely covered, if possible also by a partner.
Touching these regions relaxes the pelvis if there is a state of stress or an active source of disturbance there, whose inharmonious vibrations you temporarily eliminate by covering them. Now it becomes a bit more complicated. Testing also works with appropriate focusing through the body layers, for example, with the, very important peritoneal scars or perineal scars after childbirth.

3. the aura test

If the touch does not lead to a pelvic relaxation, there is either no interference or an additional disturbance, mostly in the aura of the body. Often the touch or approach is experienced by the patient as unpleasant and therapists often feel something conspicuous. If the touch of navel, neck or scars don’t relaxe the pelvis approach your hand from a distance of about one meter and hold it at the border, when you and the patient feel a change of your mood or slight pressure. After a while test the pelvis again. If you have released a stress in the aura the pelvis is temporarily relaxed now. After recurrence of pelvic torsion, the touch of either navel, neck or scares gives now a relaxation of the pelvis and indicates the need for further treatment.

B The faszial integration therapy

Follow the delicate vibrations of warmth spreading and cultivate the pleasure of this kind of relaxation and recreation through closeness to yourself and others. You may have more time for this now.
The changes you notice at the beginning are probably rather delicate and inconspicuous, because we do not feel the vegetative nervous system and also a pelvic torsion so strongly. Also, for a complete resolution of the Bv and the pain associated with it, it also needs the release of the pubic symphysis and the ISG as well as the lowest rib with the quadratus lumborum muscle, as I also describe in the book and on the website. But you will feel more relaxed, upright and able to bear weight. Your immune system, internal organs and nerves will recover and your vitality will return. However, depending on what interference or trauma fields you are releasing, the reaction can be very strong in the positive sense.

1. Navel Integration

Place one hand on your abdomen and very gently push the navel with the middle finger in the softest direction that also triggers a deep breath. The other hand directs the energy hypothetically released in the belly and the wisdom stored in the navel and belly to zones in need of energy and harmonization. To do this, first place your second hand on the causally and functionally superior disturbance and stress zones. Especially important, also for daily relaxation, are the neck because of its connection with the vagus nerve and the flanks because of the adrenal glands, kidneys, dorsal fascia, quadratus lumborum muscle and abdominal organs. Also all disturbing scars should be harmonized.

Then, if necessary, you can place the second hand on areas of pain and tension. With the fingers of this hand, you can also:
• Relieve joints by gently pushing the more distant joint partner in the relaxing direction.
• Loosen fascia adhesions by pressing them firmly or gently melting them, depending on your needs.
• Harmonize organs by consciously contacting them.

2. The scar integration

Disturbing scars are covered in their entire course, if necessary step by step with one hand, while the other hand performs the navel integration. The ortho-bionomic disruption has an even more lasting effect by gently pushing the scar in the pleasant direction, if necessary also by a partner. You can then perform the navel integration at the same time.
The photo above shows the self-treatment of a superficial cesarean section scar. Also the deep scar in the peritoneum running longitudinally between the navel and the transverse scar and, if necessary, the scar of the uterus can be relieved by focusing and moving the scar in the imagination in the, always clearly felt, free direction. It is very important that you do not forget any scar. However, you only need to treat the scars that are disturbing in the stress test.
The photo below shows the unblocking of a cardiac scar with simultaneous navel flank grip.
In pure scar integration, you relax a scar with one hand and place the other hand on an area of pain or tension. This is most effective if you have found out which scar is responsible for which discomfort during the interference focus test.

3. The aura integration

Old traumas, including scars, but also everyday stress and stress from other people can have an effect on the energetic environment of the body, the so-called aura, by storing unprocessed emotional vibrations in the fascia system and also leave energetic interference fields there, which can burden the body and psyche unnoticed. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, there is then a disturbance in the area of the external „Qi“. This is treated with positions that are also used in Qi Gong. Hold your wide open hands in front of your belly or neck as if you wanted to hug a tree. This is also the name of the corresponding qigong position.
You can feel the limits of the cloud by the fact that the air seems to be a little denser and something feels uncomfortable or oppressive.
You may also directly feel an increase in your pain or other uncomfortable symptoms.
The slight compression of the stress cloud probably increases the tension of the vibrations stored in it, so we can feel them. The relief that occurs after about 20-60 seconds shows that the activated vibrations, along with their own or other people’s unintegrated emotions and other energetic burdens stored in them, are draining away through the hands that are open to the front. The stress cloud shrinks ( see photo, at the beginning the hands are held much further apart) and you experience not only a corresponding relaxation, but sometimes also the resolution of your assigned complaints and recognize the unprocessed emotions. Also scars or other injury consequences often have a disturbing interference field, which you can relieve by gently approaching and holding your hand at an angle.

Relieving larger trauma fields is done analogously, except that these fields are often much larger. The practitioner approaches his flat hand focusing on the navel or the heart from a distance of several, sometimes more than 20 meters, to the person being treated until both feel an increase in tension and anxiety. By gently withdrawing and holding the hand at an angle, the trauma field and thus the emotions stored within it can be perceived and relieved. If there is an appropriate history, this should be done by an experienced therapist. The treatment not only always immediately and often persistently releases the bv, but also long repressed emotions and often relieves physical, partner, social and professional problems.

The Integral Light Tunnel:
It offers a possibility to free one’s own energy field from old burdens when you have no partner or therapists to help you.
In supine position, standing,open both arms wide spread forward. Elbows to your flank and spread forearms and hands forward, as in aura release. Now imagine in your inner eye a wide tunnel in front of your belly button or heart. Now extend your arms in your imagination and close the tunnel by folding your hands. If closing the tunnel feels like uncomfortable pressure, open your hands again and release the pressure. Repeat the same from a greater distance until you find the distance from which your hands no longer exert pressure. You can also tell the exact length of your tunnel by the fact that opening your hands, pulls you forward a little and closing pushes you back. Now open your arms internally and let the primal vibration of your pain or burden flow outward, clearing the way for the influx of light. Enjoy letting go and recognizing the strain and pain and allow the light to flow into all your cells and fill your wells.