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Fascial Integrationtherapy (FIT) 

Causal and holistic treatment of the body with the active participation of the patient

Integral orthopaedics sees excessive stress as the cause of most illnesses, not just orthopaedic ones.
It is not only everyday stress that plays a role here. Long-standing overloads and traumas can also leave visible and invisible scars and blockages that inhibit the vagus nerve and thus our ability to relax and self-regulate.
As a rule, this leads to a more or less pronounced twisting of the pelvis, mostly with an anterior pelvic shift on the left side and a posterior shift on the right side with a torsion of the spine and the whole body mostly to the right. The usual treatments are then unable to provide lasting help.
Before each treatment, the causes of internal and external stress are therefore identified and relieved by observing the pelvis. Further treatment of orthopaedic complaints is carried out with a gentle further development of osteopathy, ortho-bionomy and, if necessary, acupuncture and neural therapy. Breema treatments and self-Breema seminars have also been offered since 2022.

The most important exercises can also be found in the german textnbook: Faszien Integrationstherapie and in english on this website in the following chapters. You can also find detailed instructions on You Tube.

Workshops are regularly offered for patients and therapists in Cologne and also on invitations in other places. The next seminar is scheduled to take place on March 23, 2024 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Cologne. Please let us know if you are interested by e-mail: khalil@dr-kermani.de

I am also happy to present my work in clinics and research centers and to come to training events organized by you on invitation.

Integral Orthopaedics with its Fascia Integration Therapy (FIT) is based on my experience as an orthopaedist and sports physician in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders using osteopathy and, above all, ortho-bionomy as well as acupuncture, neural therapy and homeopathy.
With the discovery of integration techniques at the beginning of 2009, I was able to combine all these different approaches into a treatment approach that recognizes and treats illness closer to its source on the level of our autonome nerve system and it’s connection to our fascial system and our energetic systems.

In the following chapters you can find

1.More about my workshops

2. A description of integral orthopaedics under pelvic distorsion summary.

3.If you want to know more read  the long version of pelviv distorsion.

4.Then you can read how to use the Integral Stress Test to recognize whether your autonomic nervous system and your fascial system are in stress mode and how you can relax both systems and make them capable of regulation again.

5. Trauma therapy is an essential part of integral orthopedics

6. But most patients come with low back pain

7. Here you find the treatment of the backpain

8. and the treatment of the neck

9.Then you find a text about fasciae.

10.and about stressreaction

11.It follows a long text about Integral orthopedics and

12. a very long text with the actual content of my next book: Healing out of the center

13. with a description of the navel center or hara from different aspects

I ask the readers of my texts to forgive the many repetitions. They are intended for those who only read individual sections.