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Integral Orthopaedics

″In the synthesis of responsible self-government and trust to happen, the action will be practiced in confident non-action.″ Sri Aurobindo

″Integral implies the integration of all that mankind is given.″ Ken Wilber

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The integral orthopaedics integrates firstly different well-known as well as new approaches of therapy into a causally and a holistically orientated plan of medical treatment and secondly it integrates the patient and his relative into the further treatment. This integral orthopaedics is based on the author’s experiences as orthopaedist and sports doctor while his treatment of diseases of the physical body by manual medicine on basis for chiro-therapy, osteopathy and orthobionomy, for acupuncture, neuralgic therapy and homoeopathy as well as intensive occupation with therapy of diseases associated by fields of disorder.
At the end of February 2009 all these different approaches of treatment pressing to a solution could be connected and the disease could be recognized and treated closer to its origin. The on here presented reflexes of integration belong to the basic therapy of the integral orthopaedics. Even only with them it is often possible to achieve in a short time a pain relief based on causes as well as an improvement of mobility, a general statement of health as well as endogenic regulation forces with many functional orthopaedic clinical pictures, which are also until now resistant against therapy. By an easy balancing of tension acute and chronic muscular hardenings dissolve themselves in few minutes. This technique is particularly effective against painful shoulder stiffness, acute lumbago and pelvic twisting with functional length differences of legs and muscular shortenings. The persons affected could practice themselves this necessary technique or it could be practiced by their relatives. Almost always the further treatment is considerably easier. According to the further individual treatment at home the patients are instructed to carry out the integration-maintenances of joint blockings and muscular hardenings. For the treatment of lymphatic system the integral lymph-therapy was developed and for the mental participation of the healing process the integral psycho orthopaedics is introduced.

2. Stress as Cause of Illness
3. Fields of Disorder
4. Reflexes of Integration
5. Reflexes of Navel
6. Cicatricial Reflexes
7. Applications
8. Medical check-up and follow-up
9. Applications of Integration
10: Further Applications for the Integral Orthopaedics, Integral Lymphatic Drainage and Psycho Orthopaedics
11. Conclusion
12. Bibliographical References

2. Stress as Cause of Illness

The cause of many illnesses is seen in the integral orthopaedics like in the Chinese medicine by a disturbance of the energy circulation, caused by stress in its different forms. As a result of physical or emotional stress in the form of a unique or chronic overstrain or mal loading, which can be overloaded like a chain reaction and muscular hardenings and/or joint blockings are spreading out.

Among the traumatically conditioned restriction of the individual maximum resilience the well-known fields of disorder of the neural therapy, especially scars, are of importance.
A reduced conductivity of tissue with damaging the exchange of information at the substance of the interstitial cell and at the cell membranes is resulted by a high surface tension. The circulation of information and energy is not only often interrupted by the so-called field of disorder, but it is also possibly disturbed and overstrained by strange signals of the body. From this resulting reduced individual maximum resilience makes more often remarkable through aching weak spots. The persistent inner and outer stress leads to a vegetative hypertension with a rigidity of regulation through an overstrain of endogenic regulatory mechanism. It can be locally limited, e. g. on a joint or on a muscle-joint-chain, or generalized.

In nearly all chronic but also many acute appearing illnesses, there exists already a generalized rigidity of reaction of the vegetative nervous system caused by stress with overstraining of the hypothalamus-hypophysis-adrenocortical axis. Due to my own observations of muscular hardenings associated by fields of disorder I have drawn the conclusion that the vegetative nervous system won’t more be able to switch to a vagotonic condition of relaxation that needs the endogenic processes of regeneration for its impeccable function. The intensified strain leads to a reduced blood flow joined with hypoxia, acidosis and addition of pain inducing substances. One of the possible results are irritations of the adjoining joints. The disturbed set of movement of muscles and joints as well as the disturbed local metabolism reduce the mechanical loading of collagenic structures like tendons and ligaments and therefore arthrosis can be a later result as well as with it associated pains.

As a result of irritations of the bodily information system caused by fields of disorder and the stiffness of regulation depending on stress, traditional treatments with manual and/or other physical therapy or acupuncture cannot achieve to a longer durable recovery.
Instead of searching for the cause of the diseases and to reduce the stress, the organism is additionally charged by stronger analgesics or often unnecessary operations. The durable state of stress leads to a weakness of the immune system among other things caused by a hormonally suppression of the thymus gland as well as by a disturbance of regulation for the solar plexus and the adrenal glands with reduced blood flow, disturbed tonicity of the smooth musculature of the hollow organs and a minimized cell formation at the region of the abdomen organs, especially of the bowel wall with the local lymphatic part of the immune system. And which is also a main reason for a weak immune system,stress leads to a disturbamce of the so called “matrix” of ground system the entracellular space with its phagocytal alls and is barrierfunction.
General health and efficiency are additionally reduced by stress, cellular regeneration of energy as well as by the nutrient absorption and nutrient exploitation. A redistribution of the brain vascularity for the benefit of reflectorily working centres stimulates depressive moods and makes higher efficiency of the brain more difficult (Lipton). The access to inner sources of happiness, force and creativity as well as harmonious interpersonal relations is more difficult. The human being only thinks of his illness and restricts his life to the minimum.

A causal healing both of the orthopaedic diseases as well as the other problems caused by stress will only be possible, if it considers the origin of the rigidity of reaction and all involved levels. The body and its nerves and metabolism system, its muscles and intervertebral discs needs like a sponge a change of stress and relaxation. Laziness or missing exercises leads to mental and physical tiredness. Durable stress leads to weakening of our potential of regeneration (see „Stresskonzept of Selye “).We feel it as a persistent exhaustion and should recognize the warning signal of our usual weak spots. Instead of suppressing this signal with analgesic, the integral orthopaedics recommends to re-establish the energetic balance with the reflexes of integration and as soon as possible – but the best regularly – to care about a sufficient regeneration.

3. Fields of Disorder

Since a long time fields of disorder are known by the nature therapeuts as a reason of chronic diseases – regarding to the supporting and locomotor apparatus. In the Twenties of the last century Mr Speranski, a student of Professor Pawlow at Leningrad executed first of all experimental investigations. The already yet valid systematic diagnostic and therapy of the fields of disorder base of Ferdinand Huneckes‘ investigations. He was the creator of the neural therapy in the Forties. Therefore health is seen as ability of the body to adapt inner and outer changes. The assumption is networking without interruption about the connective tissue of organs, muscles, nerves, tissue and skin. Illness is caused by a disordered self-regulation due to physical and psychological overloadings or such which are caused by the environment. Previous illnesses or their treatments can leave fields of disorder in the connective tissue which can possibly cause far distant pains and also prevent a healing. At neural therapy local narcotics like Procain or Lidocain are injected in stressed muscles, irritated joints and nerves, congestive lymph-zones and especially suspected fields of disorder. Fields of disorder are very often responsible for many complaints to be not sufficiently explainable. Regarding the manual treatment there are often one or several fitting foci of disorder concerning the stubborn stresses coming back again and again. After the elimination of the focus of disorder in a second, the spontaneous, fully complete or extensive relaxations will promptly success. If there is a clear change for the worse after an on the whole efficient treatment or only a short amelioration – after the stated treatment – that will be in favour of the existence of a field of disorder or of the overlooking of such a field, like for example a forgotten scar.

4. Reflexes of Integration

4. 1. Anatomy and Physiology

The body is a biomechanical-energetic network about more than fifty billions of individual and together working cells, which are coordinated through the central nervous system and they have together an exchange of information and a metabolism exchange through the ground substance at the interstitial cell. In view of taking up of information and taking influence to our body during the whole life an individual conscious as well as a generally underestimated subconscious belong to the body. Both, the conscious and the subconscious are not comprehensible according to their structure and to their extensions. The future will show us if the exchange of information in the body can be explained electrochemically or by reactions of crystal grid by the vascular – nervous – system as well as the connective tissue and the substance of interstitial cell or if processes of the quantum physics, which are not sufficient explored yet, play a part. A network of the different planes of information on base of the basic substance is only given by a sufficient liquid content of the tissue so that the precondition is given to a kinesiological test or to a remouvment of defects by laser. An explanation to the eliminating effectiveness of the laser light could be a constructive or destructive interference with the vibration of the tissue. It is possible to stop or to increase the vibrations of atoms by overloading the atoms with the vibration of a laser beam with the same frequency (see Lipton and Popp). For this reason it is absolutely necessary to integrate quantum physics into medical research. The medically incomprehensible, lightning-fast reactions of the body to interference with a laser beam or a local anaesthetic have been one of the reasons why the treatment of fields of disorder not yet respond to the school medicine. The information transfer through the body of the therapist or the patient’s hands, as postulated in the integration of reflexes, wont make it for the school medicine any easier.

4. 2. Explanatory Model

To make the effect of the integration of reflexes for patients to understand, I like to use the model of an electrical control circuit. Analogous the weakest conductive body structures serve as fuses. When overloaded by stress they blow. Then they block the exchange of information and the functions of the whole organism. They can be repaired by a specific therapeutic energy and be integrated into the system again. This can be done in easy cases with simple interference by irradiation with laser or other polarized light.

In the neural therapy a special optimally conductive electrolytic solution (local anaesthetic) is here injected. In osteopathy and ortho bionomy the pathologically increased tissue tension is reduced. This is done with scars, as well as muscles and joints by moving the skin respectively by approaching the parts of the joints or the musculature towards the direction of the lowest resistance. With renewed energy overloading caused by stress, the fuses again blow usually in order of navel, scar, muscles and joints.

The navel is shown in the explanatory model as the main fuse. Tonsil-throat-region, focal infection of tooth or other focal infections function as sub-posed fuses. Manual- therapeutically and kinesiologically the blown main fuse shows above all the patient’s missing ability of relaxation and therefore it is not possible to make a kinesiology muscle test.

Therapeutically seen, usually successful therapies don’t respond to recovery. If the circuit is restored in the fuses, then the previous blocked flow of energy will be free. The released energy can be selectively integrated through the integration reflexes into the system and will be conducted one after another to the blocked muscles and joints. In case of failure of the sub posed fuses they first must be treated, for example be a connection from the navel to the tonsil region. Then the body can regulate itself and if it is still desired or necessary a manual or another treatment is considerably easier. The therapist can reduce his assistance to a minimum and watch as the patient’s body heals itself. This means in the words of „Aurobindo“ as in the interest of „Tao“ action comes out of non-action.

5. Reflex of Navel

5.1 Theory

The integrated orthopaedics considers a system blockage produced by scars especially by the navel as one of the main factor in the stress cascade in the body.

Osteopathy: „Fascias are the location where you must search illness, but they are also the location where healing is beginning“, says „Andrew T. Still“, the founder of osteopathy.
Fascias are a partly extremely thin fibrous network surrounding the body especially all muscles. They have a supporting, stabilizing and regulating effect on the muscles and the venous and lymphatic system. One could imagine the fascia or the connective tissue of the body like a spider web in which the movement or blockage of movement of each fibre have an influence on all the others.
In this figure the navel would have the meaning of a suspension point of the net. In addition to direct connections to peritoneum and thus to intestine as well as liver, diaphragm and pericardium and down to genito-urinary-tract, there are indirect but therapeutically relevant connections up to skull and down to plantar arch. The sensitive therapist or patient can feel by a shift of the navel anywhere in the body, the increase or decrease of tension of one reference point. This is in principle possible with many systems of references in the osteopathy or kinesiology. One reference system, which completes sensibly the reflexes of integration are the neuro-lymphatic points of reflexes by Chapman. The special feature of the reflexes of integration is the relaxation of the pain or reference point by simultaneously removing a field of disorder and as a consequence the change of the whole organism in a state of regeneration and relaxation. This will facilitate all other interventions, for example a global or local osteopathic relaxation of fascias or other reflex therapies. It appears that practical experience shows always an indication of a disturbing navel in the absence of manual ability to relax the dorsolumbar transition and especially the square back tensor, which is involved in almost all lumbar back pains.

Life Energy (Qi): The navel might be considered as the seat of our ancient trauma: the mechanical and energetic cut of the unity with the mother and thus of the life (see Almaas).
The navel is situated nearby one of the most important autonomic regulatory centres of the body, the solar plexus. This is responsible for the regulation of stress condition, sympathico-tonus or Yang and also for the state of relaxation, parasympatonus or Yin, particularly in the field of inner organs.

The stress state of the smooth muscles of the hollow organs as well as the glandular secretion depends on the state of the solar plexus. Patients practicing autogenic training feel through the umbilical reflex a strong increase of relaxation and warmth as compared to their usual mental activation of the solar plexus. The adrenal glands situated nearby the navel produce with its cortex steroid hormones, such as cortisone and then regulate water -, minerals – and sugar equilibrium. The adrenal medulla is part of the sympathetic nervous system and produces the stress hormones epinephrine and nor epinephrine.

Close to the navel is situated on an energetic level the Hara (Japanese: Source of Life) of Far Eastern arts of healing, martial arts and meditation. There, the practitioner of ZEN, QIGONG, KUNG FU or AIKIDO collects his inner strength and finds the balance of dynamics and deep rest. The chakra teachings of Tantras Hinduism and Buddhism as well as Yoga and the theory of TCM they all know the navel chakra or „Manipura“ as a key to energy centres, which connects the physical with the subtle bodies, including the astral body. In the yogic art of healing one speaks of 72.000 „Nadis“, that means energy canals which are located around the navel.

In acupuncture theory corresponds the navel to the acupuncture point CV-8 (divine limit), which is usually not needled but treated with warmth (Moxa) in order to supply with energy. A blockage of the navel leads to an interruption of the front of the two main meridians and also in the Taoist medicine the most important energy circuit from the front and the back around the head and the torso is interrupted, too.

Neural Therapy and Kinesiology:

In neural therapy the navel is injected at abdominal complaints and amongst other things also at umbilical colic and as zone of disorder in the context of Allergic asthma there where tension is arising. In general, it can be observed, that a conversion of the entire vegetative nervous system has taken place by relaxing the abdominal and thoracic and fascia and organs. Remote effects on the spin, in the gastrointestinal tract, and at vesical disturbance, including enuresis (bed wetting), infant diseases, allergies, vertigo or infertility are described. In applied kinesiology the evidence for a umbilical focus of disorder (positive therapy localization) means, that a „switching“ is already existing, That means there is an impaired coordination of the two halves of the brain, which is often seen as cause of learning difficulties.

5. 2. Practice

The navel is touched with the middle finger in the direction with the least resistance to move or rotate. With two fingers of the other hand during the first treatment and later after infections or prolonged periods of stress the upper front region of the neck with the tonsilregion is held for a minute, to be dejamed and reintegrated in the system.

The most comfortable direction of the navel is again checked and held, while with the other hand different regions of pain or tension are little by little held, for example the lumbar region in case of backaches or leg length differences. Normally muscles tensions and joint blocks are resolved and one senses the cleared energy and blood flow in form of pleasant warmth and relaxation and a feeling of well-being. Instead of manually dejaming the tonsil region, it can also be irradiated with a laser pointer for a short time.

Specialities of Treatment

● Reduced sensitivity. It often takes a little until the patient feels the free direction of his navel. The therapist then gives an impulse according to his own feeling and observes together with the patient the response to the navel and the point of pain. If the refined direction is right, there is often a pulsation under the finger of treatment followed by warmth, relaxation and painlessness.

● Increased sensitivity: A navel which is tender to touch, will be touched very gently. Occurring micro-movements are slowly accompanied by the touching finger. If it is not possible to touch the navel with the finger, it can be hold near the umbilical region to disturb it energetically (see Weber) till a contact will be possible. Sensitive people can energetically carry out the umbilical reflex, too. For this purpose, the rounded palm of the hand is held above the navel and in mind formed space in the abdomen will be swivelled in all directions and held in the most comfortable direction, in which may already be dissolved the complaints, e. g. in the ilio-sacral- joint.

6. Cicatrical Reflexes

If there are other scars, they will be searched one after the other for their special sensitivity or increased tension and then moved in the most comfortable and softest direction. With the other hand more pain spots are touched as long as the pain is disappearing.

6. 1. Preparation

As pre-treatment all potential fields of disorder can briefly be irradiated with a laser pointer, especially all scars, the throat with the tonsil region. The relevant system blockages of the treatment are regularly remaining or come back quicklyand then, they will be detected by examining manually or by asking for special sensitivity. Sometimes there are only small regions in the scars. For a successful treatment, it is always important to treat all disturbed scars including perineum (by the patient himself thruoght the clothing). A forgotten or not properly treated scar may not only prevent the success of treatment, but this often leads to a temporary deterioration.

6. 2. Special Treatment

● Stronger traumatized scars: Depending on the degree of displacement or intensity of injury some scars sometimes can not be touched. Then you stay with your finger or hand in the energy field near the region, where the patient feels comfortable. You can ask the patient for a different perception of direction of rotation and distance of your hand over his scar and then follow to his well-being until the energetic blockage will be slowly dissolved. Then you can gently touch the scar. By touching the sensitive therapist feels often the exact Kind of traumatic stress stored in navel or scar and he should make the patient’s attention to the accompanying emotional reaction, which can occur and should not be suppressed. With this type of treatment it is especially important to be aware as therapist of the spiritual connection to the patient, who gives him his complete confidence. He holds lovingly the patient in his mind and he also accompanies him when releasing of the accumulated sadness or emotional anger.
● Deep scars: Sometimes the disturbance takes place in the inner scars. Then the therapist presses a bit deeper, focuses the deep scars and moves their energetic field with the aura of his hand in the direction that feels easier and gives release to the patient.
Further reflexes of integration are dedicated to the treatment of traumatic joints as well as traumatically interrupted acupuncture meridians and other energetic blockages.
● More fields of disorder: A neural therapeutic dejam is only rarely necessary.
Inflammatory focus of the jaw must be rehabilitated by a dentist. Navel piercings and very often earings often lead to pelvic twisting back muscles or to vegetative hypertonia and make relaxion impossible and have to be dislocated hypertension of the

7. Applications

7. 1. Possibilities of Application

The application of the integration reflexes, especially the umbilical reflex leads to a shift of the autonomic nervous system of a stress state in a state of relaxation with an impact on relaxation, regulations and regenerative capacity of locomotor system movement, digestion, immune system and mind. The unusually intimate contact at the navel through another person starts a process that leads to an altered state of consciousness that shows itself also in a livelier, clearer and more personal view as well as by a deeper breathing. The therapeutic reference should be made in awareness of this wider sphere of influence with an open heart, relaxed, private navel centre and good soil contact.

For these contexts there are different fields of application:

7.1.1. Gynaecology

The treatment of non-specific abdominal pain can be effected directly by connecting the painful region with the navel and scars. Pregnant women’s back pain is usually caused by hardening of the deep back tensor muscles associated by navel disturbance or blockage. Additionally, also for relaxation of the joints between thoracic spin and abdomen and at the transition from thoracic to lumbar spin they can be treated by correspondent attitudes of integration or other manual techniques. Almost always the hardening of the navel is associated with a blockage of symphysis, which can be also solved with the reflex of navel and if necessary with attitudes of integration. Effects of a relaxed process of birth are obvious. Also obvious is the effect of relaxation of the autonomic nervous system, of the distribution of nutrients and immune substances in the blood over the umbilical circulation of pregnant woman. But the embryo enjoys directly also the improvement of its mother mood.

7. 1. 2 Paediatrics

Children usually react more quickly than adults on the reflex of navel. Leg length discrepancies, flexion contraction of the hip, deficits of straddling of joints of the hip by iliosacral joint blockages and thereby caused scoliosis or so-called growing pains are dissolving under the eyes of the amazed mother in few minutes by connecting the navel and the renal back region in the region of hip flexors and back tensor. However, distributions of concentration and coordination and, occasionally, allergic tendencies respond very well to the reflexes of integration. Don’t forget the importance of dejaming the tonsils or scars of tonsils by reflexes of navel or by laser at the first treatment and after each infection

7. 1. 3 Orthopaedics

1. Back pains:

The first and most frequently cramped muscle in a vegetative system blockage caused by stress and also with all back pains are the square lumbar muscle and the hip flexor. Usudly they cramp in opposite positions forming of a pelvic twisting. The result is a lack of flexed abduction on one leg and extension on the other leg.There fore the pelvic twisting is seen as the first sign of stress in the muscular system. The square lumbar muscle is situated between the lower rib edge and the hip bone. Its shortening is usually associated with blockages at its base region at the transition of the thoracic and lumbar spin and at the cruciate ilium and iliosacral joint (ISJ). Both can not be permanently dissolved without causal relaxation of this muscle and sometimes not at all well. Often the connection with the lumbar muscles and hipflexor with the navel is a sufficient treatment of acute and chronic back pain. Additionaly a support can be given with a relaxation by the integration of the sacrum and iliosacral joint or the sub-thoracic vertebra, for example by substituting position with a pillow under the equilateral side of the pelvis in the prone position. A blockage of the pubic bone symphysis or a symphysis irritation is usually in reference to a field of disorder of the navel or scars of caesarean section and episiotomy.

2. Shoulder pain

Painful shoulder joints with restricted mobility with pressure pain of the anterior muscle attachment can be significantly ameliorated by reflexes of navel or scars in general, only in minutes.

3. Other orthopaedics indications:

In general, a support for manual treatment is recommended for all muscles, pains of tendons and joints. So, good results are shown for example with neck pain, epicondylitis or Achilles tendon pain. In practice, patients are instructed to execute the relevant carrying out
of integration reflexes.

7. 1. 4. Surgery and surgical orthopaedics

A relaxed muscle and joint situation makes many operations unnecessary. The indication can be restricted in view of structural surgical problems as therapy-resistant intervertebral disk prolapses or a totally wearing out of hip and knee joints. In the latter examples, the relaxation for example of the hip flexors or straddle muscle or the compensation of leg length differences by the reflex of navel allows a correct planning of prosthesis relevant to axes. The surgical stress is better tolerated by the body, if the nervous, endocrine and immune system is well regulated. This is also important for the post-operative rehabilitation, for this, the integration of the new scar by the reflex of navel is firstly necessary and secondly e. g. the integration of the new situation of the joint or of the gap caused by amputation of a part of the body by connecting the reflex of navel with simultaneously touching of the operated part of the body and, thirdly the reduction of pain caused by operational stress or by newly formed immobility.

7. 1. 5. Internal medicine

The reinforcement of immune system and amelioration of general condition has already been justified. The stimulation of bowl function is directly shown by more bowl sounds and could be correspondently used by people with a disposition of constipation. Even nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy could be reduced by disturbing of navel and scars. The patients will be also more powerful and capable of regeneration and as well more vivacious by changing-over from stress to relaxation. Chronic tiredness and listlessness can be possibly influenced as well as the ability of sensation, perception and emotional vibration.

7. 1. 6. Treatment of disturbance

The reflex of navel can also serve to disturb other foci of disorder. Scars and navel are simultaneously touched and displaced in the most comfortable direction. Inner glands, as tonsils, thyroid or lever could be relaxed in connection with navel from outside over the skin and their functions could be stimulated, too. On the pharyngeal and tonsil region after an infection this is especially important.

7. 1. 7. Acupuncture and manual medicine

The existence of foci of disorder or a vegetative hypertonia often is responsible for the lack of success of acupuncture or manual therapy. The execution of reflexes of integration is recommended before an appropriate treatment, but it is also helpful, if the patient during acupuncture session or osteopathic treatment relaxes himself his navel or, if possible, applies the reflexes of integration. The reflex of navel can be applied for activating the flow of energy at meridians. Therefore the relaxation of navel is jointed with a simultaneous touch on tonicity, source or initial point of a meridian.

7. 1. 8. Psychotherapy

As known at trauma therapy there are stored in musculature non-processed emotions and tensions, which are initiated by a trauma (see also Peter Levine). The storage of scars including navel is also known. By executing the reflexes of integration there is shown a correlation between the traumatic charge during the time of formation of the scars, as well as during the parturition, too, and the sensitivity of touching of scars and in view of its relevance of treatment at local and generalized tension pattern, and as well as in total psychic situation, too.
Reflexes of navel and scars, alone or in combination even better, could be applied regardless of the treatment of muscular tension before or during psychotherapy or as self-treatment at home after periods of stress.
The sensitive therapist feels when touching the scar or the navel degree and quality of the stored traumatic emotions and he also perceives when he is in good empathy with his patient, his traumatic situation at its beginning. Of particular importance are the careful and loving presence and the lingering in the emotional connection and space that is developed in this type of body therapy.
The therapist should apply himself reflexes of integration and navel always after periods of stress such as strenuous treatments, and of course maintain an adequate mental cleaning, to serve the patient as a balanced instrument, and not to strain him further.
In the treatment of borderline patients there is again above average a physical and emotional sensitivity and responsiveness to the reflexes of integration.
Often before the patients tolerate a contact of their scars and his navel have to be treated energetically through their aura.
The trans-personal, psychotherapeutic approach at Almaas regards the separation of the newborn from the mother as the separation of the individual from the divine essence of life and thereby the universal wisdom, which was at this time still unconscious. Forming an ego consciousness serves to process this loos. The reflex of the navel in this context could help healing not only the trauma of the umbilical cord but may be also the disturbed connection to the self.
At systemic family therapy there is always shown the relation of psychological and physical complaints to far antecedent involvements, which may possible have a bodily reference point to the navel.
Typical groups of muscles hardening with emotional stress and also storing stress situations are the hip flexor, the deep back tensor, the lateral musculature of thigh, the neck tensor and the muscles of jaw. At experimental groups was shown, that differences of arm and leg length were only provoked through concentration of a very much stressed event and can be compensated by opening to light and love.

7. 1. 9. Relaxation and Centring

To execute the reflex of the navel alone with the finger or the hand, or only with imagination, that helps to relax psychologically and physically and to find our middle. So it can be executed at the beginning of a meditation, a psychotherapeutic session or a kinesiological treatment and before or after physical and mental, sportive, professional or other efforts. A possible exercise of regeneration can be applied in silence but also during a walk or during work by imaging to breath in the navel fresh power and light from the surrounding, from heaven and earth. By breathing out they can spread in form of warmth and bright or coloured, especially red light either in the whole body, in a painful region, in the heart or the lower abdomen. Thereby one should look for a good soil contact. A special intensive breaking away of outer stress and activating the inner force will be successed by the combined exercise of energy ball at the heart and the navel: Thereby one imagines a big energy ball being below each arched hand held above the navel and the heart, respectively one senses the existing energy and turns the two balls one after the other into the most comfortable direction.

7. 1. 10. Transpersonal aspects

As a basic work we are assuming a trisection of the conscious: Ego conscious, conscious of soul or emotional conscious and a higher (cosmic or divine) conscious. The conscious of soul dominates in the mother dear and during the first time after the cutting of umbilical cord. During the examination of the perceived surroundings and of the bodily needs our mind creates the ego conscious, with it we largely identify ourselves. Developing by managing the obstackerf live an enjoying its beauty the emotional or soul conscious gets vis-à-vis time and space as well as outer circumstances more constant and it goes with us like a loving, calm observer through the highs and lows of life. We are learning the opening to our higher conscious with the aid of our accompanying observer and as well by meditating and praying so that our connection with the level of universal and all-pervading love and creativity gets more an more constant.
So long as the body is healthy and functions well, many people think to be able to manage their life only with their ego conscious. But illnesses and other blows of destiny can show us the vulnerability and the transience of our body and also the helplessness of our ego. They could help us to perceive more consciously our body and to enjoy in gratitude our life. The longing for healing and the experience of the inner peace happiness and a feeling of consistence independent of age and state of the body, can open our perception of the soul. The transfer of a part of our attention in the middle body, supported by the reflex of the navel, can support our perception of body as well as our conscious of soul. We are able to open us out of a relaxed middle better to the forces of heaven (Yang) and earth (Yin), which are principally stored at navel centre as well as in the glands regarding the far Eastern sight. By opening for depth and width the area of the heart and the inner centre we are opening for the perception of our inherent presence, giving us hold and guidance. The connection of our middle on the reference to the navel facilitates the releasing of our ideas, what we or the other have to be or to do. It helps us (better) to deal more carefully and more consciously with our life. Instead of cramping the muscles and sticking to worries and thoughts, which are power consuming, we can live with an open heart, relaxed centre of the body and with conscious attentiveness the present moment. The execution of the reflexes of integration can therefore support the perception and relaxation of the body and spirit and also qualify the dominance of our ego conscious as well as ameliorate the contact to deeper dimension of our existence. The silent feeling of changing initiated by the reflexes of integration can lead us to a better learning of our own body with his needs, depths and possibilities and also to enjoy the well-being and the joy of living in this body, to breath with it and also serving and enjoying life with it.

7. 2. Contraindications

All inflammatory processes accompanied by warming, reddening, tumescence or very painful restrictions of moving as acute infection of joints or bursitis.

7. 3. Side effects

These can appear in the form of the initial worsening when overlooking a field of disorder or a part of a field of disorder that wasn’t disturbed. Then this field or part of this can be activated and can also send strong impulses of disturbance and activate the other fields of disorder, too. Temporary side effects can also appear to patient and therapist in form of tiredness and fatigues, above all by disturbing of scars charged very much by emotional stress a short increase of pain can occur untip the body gets relaxed in its new center. At frequent treatments it is recommended to let execute the treatment by the patient him/herself and in the meantime or afterwards to execute further treatments.

7. 4. Difficulties

Patients, especially medical doctors and physiotherapists are primarily very surprised. Children like speaking of magic. They take over naturally this technique. However, there is a big problem concerning the correct re-treatment at home. Patients inexperienced with the manual treatment either don’t touch the navel or the scars correctly and mostly touch them too strong.
However, sensible, suffering experienced patients report regularly of a good support of the re-treatment at home.
Unfartunately most patients forget the reflex once they are feeling good instead of carrying
them out regularly or at the first signs of stress.

8. Medical check-up and follow-up

As stress is part of our life, every patient is instructed to control his navel and the corresponding regions of the navel, especially after a strain or during time of stress, and at the first sign of a tension to execute immediately a coupling with the painful regions. Patients with chronic pains will be able to reduce or even omit the analgesics very soon.

Stress is often unnoticed, for example by a harmless common cold that can activate the tonsils or scars of tonsils and consequently all the other fuses. Mental stress caused by worry or excitement, electromagnetic stress, biomechanical stress, overloading, trauma, surgery, etc., but also therapeutically induced stress caused by a much too intensive or a false treatment are mutually reinforcing and may induce a metabolic disturbance with a chronic weakening of the immune system and the energy balance. Thus the treatment can serve as check-up and attempt for more serious illnesses.

Naturally unnecessary emotional, physical or energetic stress should be avoided. Patients and therapists charged energetically by this type of treatment have to pay attention to sufficient fluid supply of the intercellular exchange of information and metabolic processes depending on the loose of fluid through outside-temperature or movement 30-50 ml/kg body weight.

Cell formation and regeneration of energy need sufficient phases of relaxation. Most regeneration takes place at night during the sleep. When having disorders of sleep it is often helpful to relax the navel and to put the other hand on the heart. A well-balanced life with healthy food, time to go for a walk if possible at countryside, relaxation, meditation, joy, creativity, interpersonal contacts, but also a strengthening of the body by sport or special gymnastics are preconditions for health, well-being and higher mental power especially for ability of love. This last mentioned opens us to the life in its fullness.

The integrated orthopaedics is done in a loving and respectful awareness of the close connection between the therapist and patient during the treatment. In the open space of conscious where the true being of therapist and patient meet, the therapist not only senses the kind of illness but also its connection with the patient’s nature and life. His increased experience connected with an adequate inner attitude points the way to further levels of healing.

9. Applications of Integration

Following the re-establishment of the ability of the patient’s relaxation and regeneration depending on the patient’s needs and capacity of reception the remaining joint blockages and tensions of muscles will be treated. At the integral orthopaedics the application of integration serve as home self-treatment. These are used after the reflexes of integration to dissolve remaining blockages of movement and energy at muscles and joints. They are derived from the „strain-counter strain techniques“ of the osteopath Jones and its progression in the senses of ortho-bionomy of the osteopath Pauls. They are shown to the patients for the follow-up home treatments of their individual vulnerability.

All applications of integration can be executed by the patient or his relatives them-selves and are here described with the most frequently free directions. If the given direction isn’t pain relieving, you can try another direction. This position is held for above a minute till a reaction of relaxation is occurring. No more than three exercises should be demonstrated in a session and these has to be controlled afterwards.

1. Neck: In the supine position with there a pillow under the head the neck is bent to the direction of a tender on pressure joint, till the pressure pain is dissolved. In this position the head is tenderly pressed with the other hand from the crown to the trunk.

2. Neck-shoulder-angle (1.costal/scalenus muscles): The arm bent at right angle at shoulder and elbow is slightly pressed towards feet against the other arm giving resistance to the elbow.

3. Shoulder joint/biceps: The adjacent upper arm is near shoulder slightly turned inwards and to the body, while one finger of the other hand relaxes the navel

4. Elbow/caput radii: The head of the radius (caput radii) at thumb side, close to the elbow is moved inside or outside while the other hand relaxes the navel.

5. Elbow/wrist extensor and flexor: The hand is extended respectively bent and pushed to the elbow.

6. Joints of the hand: The wrist is slightly grasped by the other hand, slowly moved towards the palm and to the under arm.

7. Wrist bone: The forefinger of the other hand will be slightly pressed from underneath against the aching wrist, while thumb and middle finger are fixing the wrist from outside.

8. Thoracic vertebra: In the prone position the reciprocal shoulder is lifted to the rear into the direction of the arching vertebra until the pain disappears.

9. Breastbone-ribs: The breastbone is moved into the most comfortable direction and the arching rib is gently pressed by the other hand from the side to the trunk.

10. Breast vertebra and lumbar vertebra transition: In the supine position the bent legs and arms are pushed into the most comfortable direction to the trunk.

11. Middle and lower lumbar vertebra and iliosacral joint: In the prone position the equilateral or mutual iliac crest is pulled to the painful vertebra or a pillow is put below.

12. Sacroiliac joint: The patient is lying on the painless side and pushes the upper anterior ilium margin back.

13. Sacrum: The sacrum is pushed – as a raft on the water – into the pain reducing, free direction, mostly at the base so the top, towards the body and eventually slightly tipped to the left or to the right..

14. Symphysis: In the supine position the anterior iliac crests are pushed into pain reducing direction opposite.

15. Knee joint: The thigh is held by a hand or a pillow is put under it, and the tibia is pushed or turned by the other hand to the rear or forward.

16. Fibula: The fibula is touched on both ends und held. Alternatively the foot in opposite of the lower leg is pushed to the rear and upward and afterwards, the caput of the fibula, lateral below the knee, is pushed gently to the rear or in front.

17. Ankle joint: The foot is held below the ankle and vis-à-vis the fixed lower leg it is slowly pushed to the rear and upward.

18. Arch of the foot: The inner margin of the foot is slightly lifted at the inner bone of the midfoot or with central hardening; the foot is turned inward or outward.

19. Great toe: The great toe is slowly moved into the direction of the other toes and respectively towards the sole of the foot and pushed to the fixed first bone of the midfoot.

20. Joints of toes and fingers: The toes respectively the fingers are fixed above the painful joint, tenderly stretched or bent and vis-à-vis the fixed joint partner pushed towards the sole of the foot or the palm and towards the body.

Pay attention to a sufficient supply of fluid and to sportive activities in accordance to the age and the body.

Recommended reading for therapists:
Klaus Weber, Michaela Wiese: Lehrbuch der Ortho Bionomy, Sonntag Verlag
Hans Diepold: Orthobionomy, Lernkarten, eigener Druck

10. Further Applications for the Integral Orthopaedics:
Integral Lymphatic Drainage and Psycho Orthopaedics

Integral Lymph Drainage:

A frequent therapy obstacle is the blockage of the lymphatic system at chronic illnesses. This can, as the disturbance of the navel, lead to a vegetative rigidity of reaction. Here are the frequent signs: oedematous swollen legs with varicose vein, for example after a trauma, a distortion or operation. But also a disturbance of temperature regulation, often in the form of cold hands and feet, or a disturbance of the nervous system, e. g. prickling, or a syndrome of restless legs can indicate a disturbance of the flow of lymph. In this case, the initial points of the lymphatic meridians at the swimming skin fold between the fingers and toes are point-like swollen and tender on pressure. Analogous to therapy of lymph-folds after Dr. Ulrich, therapeutically can be axially injected with local anaesthetics. Needling, lasting strong massage, or laser treatment help in descending sequence. The integral orthopaedics increases these possibilities with the integral lymph-reflex. Here, the individual lymphatic points, each of them are smoothly touched with two fingers and as a little balloon tenderly pressed together. In this process patient and therapist are concentrating on the fluid at this lymphatic point. One is following the resulting micro motion for above 20 seconds until the point between the fingers is melting. Afterwards, different acupuncture points, which dissolve stagnations according to Chinese medicine, are touched with the middle fingers in pairs from the periphery to the centre of the body each for above 30 to 60 seconds. At the feet the middle margin of the inner foot (spleen 4) with a point 3 patient’s fingerbreadths above the internal malleolus (spleen 6). Then this point with a point inward below the knee joint, in a hollow under the inner tibia protuberance (spleen 9). For the relaxation of the inguinal lymph node, the thighs are individually or all together bent at the right angles and pushed to the groin while two fingers are touching tenderly the groin. During the self-treatment the patient can put the bent leg above the stand knee. According to the arms a point in the middle of the wrist bending fold (pericardium 7) can be touched with a point of the elbow bending fold (pericardium 3). Finally, the thymus gland the reservoir of lymphatic system is going to be stimulated. In this process of stimulation one hand is put on the breastbone and this is tenderly pushed as a raft on the water into the most comfortable direction.
While two fingers of the other hand focus on the thymus gland behind the upper part of the breastbone.

Psycho orthopaedics

By the integral psycho orthopaedics, analogically to psycho-oncology by Dr. Simonton, it can be made an attempt on improving the body awareness, on relaxing the psyche and on stimulating the immune system and the cell regeneration. For that one is concentrating on the arching region of the body, for example on a degenerative joint disease, or a hurt joint or on a painful muscle and then going deeper and closer with his
attention to the structure. Anatomy uninformed persons may previously have a look at an anatomy picture of the affected joint to go more realistically with the attention to the arching region of the body. When reaching the affected part, one is trying to sense or to imagine as exactly as possible it, and if possible to come into contact with. Then you can either stay there, quiet and loving, or imagine how the processes of repair will be stimulated and pain inducing proteins are removed. If possible, the affected region should be touched tenderly and lovingly with your hands or by the hands of your therapist or your partner during this journey.

11. Conclusion

The integral orthopaedics exposes step by step the cause of the pains and accompanies man on his way to his natural balance. Nearly always indications of a mechanical or energetic interruption of the energy flow are shown, which are caused by blocked joints, overstressed muscles or scars, usually associated with a stress-related incompetence of relaxation and regeneration and for disturbance of the endogenic healing forces.

The treatment consists of supporting the body to restore its power of vibration of joints and muscles, the conductivity of the body surface and tractions of connective tissue as well as restoring his competence of relaxing and regenerating. The patient learns to know better his body with its vulnerabilities, which are reporting if the fuses of the energy cycle are blown by overcharge, and he learns better to get in contact with his body, too. He will be sensitized by an appropriate way of life, improved self-perception and special treatments by him-self, to prevent damages and to treat them often, too. The therapist learns to discover obstacles of therapy and to use again the here accumulated energy for the treatment. Provided that patients are treating them-selves, and physicians and therapists include these techniques regularly in their treatment, the health system will be discharged and then the health service is able to concentrate on more complicated illnesses. But these have their origin in stress, too, and so can also be prevented and pain relieved. The integral orthopaedics is using often at the same time the reflexes of integration as well as the integral lymphatic therapy as the preparation of a manual treatment or acupuncture. It is integrating, if necessary, neuralgic therapy and kinesiology, phytotherapy and homoeopathy. Injections supporting the articular cartilage and the immune system have their benefit too and also sometimes drugs or dietary supplements as well as a supporting physical therapy with gymnastics, muscle training, manual lymphatic drainage etc. are necessary and useful. Another concern of the integral orthopaedics is the improved pre- and postoperative care belonging to the collaboration with manually treating physicians and surgeons that could avoid operations and also help to better integrate the necessary ones.

Ends of February 2009, the reflexes of integration, so to speak as a gift of heaven, were thrown into my lap over night. After a very stressful day my back was arching at night. Half asleep, I suddenly had a very clear vision to relax with one finger in an orthobionomic manner to relax the navel and to touch with the other hand my back. To my surprise the pain was disappeared after a minute since than. This technique also worked for all the other patients. The development of the reflexes of integration as well as the integral lymphatic therapy and psycho orthopaedics would not have been possible without my study of the ortho-bionomy, a further development of the osteopathy. I am deeply grateful to life and all my teachers and classmates for the knowledge I have received in this way. From the beginning I have felt it as my task to pass the reflexes of integration not only on my patients but also on a large circle of people. For this purpose I like to present the integral orthopaedics in hospitals, by trainings or by interesting media and I am supporting studies that like to deal with the clarification of the effectiveness and the further research. I am also grateful to every aid of spreading this method and I am happy to be at your disposal for answering your questions or for demonstrating this method.

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Part of Khalil Kermani: Integral orthopedics – Healing from the center of the body

This summary is from 2010. Meanwhile I have discovered further tecnics and interesting relations beetween the vegetative and fascial system which explain the efficancy of the navel and scare reflex. They are described in my book : New chances against pain,  which can be ordered in german.
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