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Integral orthopaedics workshop

I regularly offer workshops in Integral Orthopaedics with self and partner treatment.

I cordially invite you to attend and also will bevglad to offer workshops in other places. In June and July we come to United States and Canada and will be glad to give workshops there.

We begin the seminar with a short, body-centered meditation and a series of self-breema exercises.

In the course of the seminar, we will first learn to examine our pelvis with regard to torsion. In doing so, we recognize the connection between stress, the vagus nerve and the fascial system as the cause of our inner and outer tension, our pain and our limited resilience.

By observing the pelvis, we then look for our individual causes of stress, in particular old trauma and overload effects, and learn to resolve these as far as possible. To do this, we learn to practise the techniques of aura release, scar- and navel integration on our energetic, autonome nerve and fascial levels. In the afternoon, we will focus on the treatment of SI joint blockages and back pain as well as blockade of the dorsal vagus nerv.

Seminar location: Practice of Dr. med. Khalil Kermani, Cleverstraße 18, 50668 Cologne,

phone: 017622769757

Seminar fee: EUR 230.00 per participant incl. lunch

Seminar time: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., incl. lunch together

Registration via khalil@dr-kermani.de

Please let us know if you are interested in our seminars by e-mail. We will then inform you about the next seminar dates.

The seminars are as well for non therapists as for therapists, especially osteopaths, physiotherapists, doctors, psychotherapists and alternative practitionars. Experience in body therapy, yoga and/or Qi Gong are helpful.

After participating in three seminars and successfully completing an examination, therapists can receive a certificate on request.